Configuration PPTP under Windows XP

1. Open network connections into the configuration panel
     a. Click
to Start then Control panel
     b. Click
Reseaux and internet connection
     c. Click
Reseaux Connections

2. Click
Create a new connection in the left Column and Next

3. Select
Connection to the network of company and Next

4. Select Virtual Private Network Connection and click on Next

5. Write VPN-PPTP for the company nameNext

6. Write for the host name and click on Next

7. Click on add a shortcut for have a VPN-PPTP connection shortcut on your desktop

8. Click Finish

Connection PPTP under Windows XP

1. Do a double click on VPN-PPTP icone on your desktop for you connect to VPN-PPTP

2. Indicate yourE-mail and your Password supplied by VPN-PPTP in their respective fields

3. Click on